Top innovations this week


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Our top innovations this week consist of the new Uniqlo Concierge App & the world’s first ocean cleanup system!

The Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has launched its own concierge service using Google Assistant and AI, known as; Uniqlo IQ. There has been an abundance of AI related concepts over the past few years, but most have been seen as toys, not tools. This particular tech allows for solid recommendations to consumers, the user can simply say ‘Uniqo IQ’ to their google assistant and recommendations can be made via voice control.

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This week we saw the launch of the world’s first ocean cleanup system from San Fran. The ‘Giant Pac Man’ is a concept that will begin to remove plastic pollution from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A Dutch non-profit organisation developed advanced technologies to make this design work with the aim to reduce the amount of plastic in the world’s ocean in 2040 by 90%. This plan will go ahead so long as it gains all necessary funding to launch more systems across the globe.

Image source: Forbes, The Ocean Cleanup & Trendwatching