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What was the last memorable experience you had? We’re not talking about a family moment or a milestone in your life. Think brand experience. An experience that blew your mind, no matter how big or small. Something that made you smile. Something unique. Something that for some reason you just had to tell everyone about.

If you’re struggling to think of one, here’s a suggestion: Go to Amsterdam. No, not for that kind of experience. Instead to experience a small little perfume store on Gerard Doustraat.

On a recent mini-research trip, we were taken to the Fragrance Store by a local (thank you Anil) who promised an experience not yet seen before. Upon entering the store we were welcomed by a charismatic young lady who didn’t want to talk scents. Instead she wanted to talk colour.

Now, having undertaken a recent Aud project, we knew where she was going with this. And its cleverly unexpected. Did you know that your favourite colour is linked to your favourite scent and also shows your main characteristic types. Its science you know.

Say your favourite colour is sea blue. 9 times out of 10 your chosen scent would be something light and crisp. If your favourite colour was deep purple, then your scent would be more woody and earthy.

Back in the store, we were handed 6 cards with colour kaleidoscopes on each and asked to choose our favourite one. Turn it over and 3 characteristics and a scent type were suggested. Bingo! For all of us, it was spot on. We tried the suggested perfumes and loved them all!

Now this is an unexpected experience. A perfume store engaging with its customers through colour, who knew.

This is what we strive for in every project and why we encourage clients to review staff training and product presentation. Its not just to look and feel but the interaction and the unexpected ways staff and product can engage with customers to help make the experience memorable.

Dec 2016: Since writing this blog, The Fragrance Store has closed its door to move its experience elsewhere. Until they announce the new location, don’t book that flight just yet!

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