UNMASKED: COVID-19 Consumer Insight


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In-depth research of consumer behaviour and attitudes during the global pandemic. Helping brands and businesses understand what the future of consumerism may look like in the post-COVID world.

Our UNMASKED: COVID-19 Consumer Insight report brings together four months of comprehensive customer research and creates a detailed picture of the consumer mindset as lockdown begins to ease.

UNMASKED combines quantitative consumer insight with key trends and innovations along with a number of additional insights. Topics covered include; human connections, fitness, alcohol, home, travel and spending.

If you are looking for innovative ways that your business can pivot or your brand can become more relevant, UNMASKED provides thought provoking ideas backed up by measurable insight.

Our aim for the consumer insight is to support our industry, to help it keep innovating in order to survive and thrive. Therefore, please feel free to share far and wide.

FULL REPORT >> UNMASKED: COVID-19 Consumer Insight

We hope that our insight reports have helped you to make sense of consumer behaviour and attitudes over the past few months. This phase of insight might now be over but this is just the beginning in shaping a post-COVID-19 world. As part of this, we’re continuing to create tailored insight for brands to help them adapt. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you, until then, stay safe.

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