What makes us tick?


Thoughts Piece

We all have certain aspects of design that are important to us and define the outcome of each project. Here are TYC’s top 10 commandments. Its a check list for each and every one of us to ensure every project goes further than we first imagined:

1. How does it change a sector? Lets not do it becasue its always been done this way.

2. What makes it remarkable? Because good just isn’t good enough!

3. What story will people tell? The best marketing is word of mouth. Give customer something to talk about.

4. What is the Instagram moment? In todays social world, customers long for a beautiful picture.

5. What will customers steal? OK, a weird one , we know. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not endorsing thief. Rather, what is it about the touch points of the brand that customers just want and would quite happily pinch it for their front room?

6. Have you thought like a customer? If you haven’t then go home and try again tomorrow.

7. Does it surpass expectation? Yes the client wanted ‘this’, but have we gone further?

8. How are we going to present it? We’re so over PDFs!

9. Is it memorable? Will it stick in peoples minds?

10. Does it have staying power? Retail’s not just for Christmas.