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‘Dontworrybaby’ the interchangeable book shop

Hidden away in an abandoned cement factory in Austin Texas, ‘dontworrybaby’ has been creating interest since before the opening. This used bookstore has been opened with the aim of giving readers pelasure away from the ever expanding digital world we live in.

All furnitutre has been procured on Craigslist and given a fresh coat of paint to contrast with the minimal surrounding landscape.

Having only 3 walls means the shop has to be packed up each night, but on the plus side it means each day is a new canvas; a whole new section of books can be displayed each time the store opens. This also allows the owners to go al fresco every now and again and utilise the outdoor space to showcase books. Not being open everyday and relying on word of mouth to spread their location has created a lot of anticipation from people who don’t know where to find them!

Image source: Sight Unseen

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