Top concepts this week


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This week we’ve found two of the coolest concepts; The Jaffa Hotel and Hello Miss Rong.

Once a former ‘school of sisterhood’ convent & hospital, now one of the most beautiful hotels in Tel Aviv. The Jaffa Hotel is a boutique accommodation spot based in the Jaffa neighbourhood, home to 120 suites. The entirety is connected by arched colonnades and gardens, the hotel has been transformed but still allowing for all the architectural elements to seep through.

Hello Miss Rong is the newest restaurant to land in the South Bank of the Zhujiang, Guangzhou. The ‘hot pot’ restaurant offers a bold and futuristic contrast to other food offerings in the area.

We were mainly drawn to this design due to the electroplated stainless steel covered surfaces which creates visually pleasing but oddly shaped patches of colour across the span of the restuarnt. Super cool use of materials for this exciting concept.

Image sources: Dezeen, Superfuture

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