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Featuring two of the hottest new concepts by Tiffany & Co. and WeWork!

Starting with Tiffany’s new Interactive Style Studio in Covent Garden. The brand has moved towards a more playful environment full of creativity, forming an innovative retail experience – and definitely a juxtaposition to their normal approach.

The Style Studio is a more accessible store for Gen Z-ers and Millenials, luxury jewellery has been traded with everyday products appropriate for this demographic.

Tiffany’s have integrated fun features to encourage the younger generation to shop! A great example of this is the vending machine smack bang in the middle of the store which vends the fragrances! A great concept representative of experiential design.

Source: GDR

WeWork has dived in to retail with their recent launch of; WeMRKT. The store will stock products from 10 WeWork member companies who wont their place through a pitch competition. Giving many brands an opportunity to sell in a brick-and-morter environemnt at a very low cost.

A fantastic chance for entrepreneurs to have a shot at operating within a physical retail space.

Source: Forbes

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