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The autonomous farm ran by robots and a software called ‘The Brain’

No ordinary farm. Iron Ox uses 15 robots to tend to their rows and rows of greens, they have the ability to produce 5 times more than your typical outdoor farm. What’s so unique? The series of robotic arms individually pluck plants from their hydroponic trays and move them to new trays during their growing process. This exaggerates their health and output. Something that outdoor farms do not have the advantage of doing. ‘The Brain’ is the intelligent system that coordinates all these robotics operations. This is a completely new system developed at The Ox.

Naturally, it does pose the question as to the fear of pushing out humans and leaving them jobless. Especially as it is predicted that 47% of US jobs will be automated in the next 20 years. However, the concept hopes that rather than eliminating jobs, it will fill the gaps in the industry’s workforce.

Image source: MIT Technology Review