Top innovations this week


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This week’s innovations include The North Face’s unique pop-up and every iPhone lovers dream – an airbag for your phone.

The North Face is leading our innovation round up this week with their recent Pinnacle Project pop-up.

This is not your average pop-up space – the differnce being you have to climb the Italian Alps to access the space. Set at a high of 2,100 metres, the concept displays collector’s items that once belonged to iconic adventurers, these have been reclaimed with a message from the original owner inside. Cool right? The North Face providing us with a whole new way to pop-up!

The second innovation is designed by German university student; Philip Franzel. Philip has created every iPhone lovers dream! The airbag equivalent for iPhones that comes in the form of a sleek case, adding just 0.6mm to the rim of your phone.

The case has integrated sensors which detect the devices falling motion, this sets off the curved springs which pop-out from each side, preventing the phone from cracking! Could this be the future of all phone cases?

Image sources: Dezeen, Fashion Network

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