TYC Visits 50m Concept Store


Thoughts Piece

This week we stopped by the hottest new concept store in town, 50m.

We’re all familiar with the term concept store, but 50m is different. It stopped us in our tracks. The store is designed around a completely different business model. The space is stocked full of emerging designers work, with the aim of giving back to the creative community.

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Based a stones throw away from Victoria station, the space is fully equipped with a co-working space, design store & coffee shop. Affordable rates are charged to designers who want to rent 50 metres of rail space to showcase their current work, Something and Son (the genius art collectives who came up with the idea) wanted to disrupt the London marketplace, which has become ‘Disney-fied’ – controlled & corporate.

The experimental store can showcase up to 30 designers at one time as well as allowing them to use the working space to host meetings with potential clients and partners. Additionally, guidance and support will be offered to the members from 30 different mentors who are experts in the industry – something many graduates would find infeasible. Two of the many beneficial reasons why aspiring designers should join their retail community.

Personally, we’re all over this intelligent idea. Giving talented, young individuals the opportunity to kick start their career in a very crowded and tough industry – Something and Son, we commend you!